By Foot

Getting around Playa del Carmen by foot can be very challenging, but rewarding at the same time. It gives you a closer look at some attractions and it gives you the feeling that you are really in a strange land. Plus, getting around the city by foot is a god physical exercise. Below is our advice for those who choose to walk around the city.

The city is generally pedestrian friendly – you can actually walk to everything! La Quinta Avenida, the main north-south pedestrianized street, does not allow vehicles except in the early morning for deliveries. You will find here many hotels, shops, and really nice restaurants. Avenida 30, five blocks west of La Quinta Avenida, is where the larger stores are found. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from Avenida Juarez and El Zócalo to Avenida Constituyentes.

Playa del Carmen has foot-bridges and sidewalks, although the condition of the latter can vary. The major precaution when exploring the city by foot is the traffic. Numerous drivers do not always respect speed limits and will not necessarily slow down. In addition, a number of streets are narrow or in disrepair. Not paying attention to your surroundings could cause you a serious accident.

Be very aware at yellow and white pedestrian crossings. They are hardly followed by motorists. When the traffic light turns green for the pedestrians to cross, it is always a wise idea to wait until the front row of cars has stopped before crossing. Some drivers interpret the red light as “speed up to beat the red light”. Brownouts are also quite frequent in the city, as in other parts of Mexico, affecting crossings and traffic lights.