Jungle Tours

Organized jungle tours are popular in Playa del Carmen. In such excursions, an ATV, a 4×4, or a jeep safari is usually used to explore the Mayan jungle floor. A number of agencies also offer horseback riding tours to discover the area.

A movement is afoot in n Playa del Carmen toward sustainable tourism. Jungle tours in this paradise embrace Mayan culture and involve them and their villages in tourism activities, while giving the Mayan people employment, instead of uprooting their heritage rather to give way for attractions. Here are some jungle tours worth considering:


A jungle tour in Playa del Carmen would not be complete without a visit to beautiful caves and cenotes. Cenotes are sinkholes where the ground has fallen away, revealing the fresh and cool water underneath. The eastern half of the Yucatan Peninsula houses thousands of natural springs. The ancient Mayans considered these geological features sacred entrances to their spiritual world.

Nohoch Jungle Crossing

This jungle tour will take you down the jungle trails and dirt roads of the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen to the Mayan village of Rancho San Felipe. Prepare for a once in a lifetime snorkeling adventure, through the glass-like fresh water caverns of Nohoch Chich Cenote system. It is one of the world’s longest explored underground river systems. See for yourself the renowned limestone stalagmites and stalactites from under the water in all their splendor.

Back in the safari truck, take a short hike to Yaxmuul cenote. Here, you can relax in hammocks or swim in the cool and clear waters.  Along your way, your tour guide will introduce you to the Mayan jungle’s rich biodiversity. Also enjoy home-prepared Mayan meals cooked by the Mayan women of the ranch. It is the perfect time to appreciate the value of today’s Mayan community and also to embrace their history and culture.

Discovery Jungle Park

Discovery Jungle Park is one of the latest attractions added to further boost Playa del Carmen’s tourism. This jungle theme park takes you off the beaten path. Tours usually start off with a fast and fun ATV ride through 10 miles of jungle trails and dirt roads.

At the Discovery Jungle Park, prepare yourself for some more actions as you fly from big zip lines high above the jungle ground. You can fly backward, upside down, and even Superman style! Then cool off by taking a dip in a cenote before getting back on your ATV for a fast and furious ride back.