Adventure Tours

Adventure tours are huge in Playa del Carmen. Such tours expertly mix some of the most incredible experiences nature can provide with some adrenaline-pumping kicks and a taste of local culture. From rappelling into cenotes and swimming side by side with the world’s largest fish, to flying high on zip lines above the jungle floor, these adventure excursions will surely keep you entertained. Adventure tours are very safe and are fun for the entire family.

Tulum plus zip line

Enjoy the exhilarating Mayan zip line, while at the same time learning more about the mystery and of the Mayan ruins of Tulum. This archeological site is one of the most visited of its kind in the Mayan Riviera. Tulum is unique for its breathtaking clifftop setting, overlooking the beautiful azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Tour highlights include: guided tour of the ruins and its small pueblo village, visiting a Mayan ranch where you can immerse with the Mayans, witnessing a traditional Mayan purification ritual, snorkeling through stalactites at Chikin Ha Cenote, mountain biking through the Mayan farmland, and flying on three zip lines.

Coba Tour

Your Coba tour could be your finest Mayan experience in Playa del Carmen. Here, you can mingle with authentic Mayan guides and families, who will take you on a sustainable tourism adventure through the Mayan ruins, villages, and jungles. Rappel into cenotes, canoe across lagoons, explore archeological sites, and experience the past and present intrigue and culture of the Mayan empire.

Isla Contoy

The Isla Contoy tour is one of newest excursions in Playa del Carmen. In this tour, you will swim and snorkel with the largest fish in the world in the open ocean. You will board a boat that will take you to Isla Contoy, where hundreds of these colossal creatures (up to 60 feet long) gather every summer to feed on the summer plankton bloom and also to breed.

Swimming side by side with whale sharks is one of the most incredible experiences nature can provide. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can you have a great experience like this – only in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, including Playa del Carmen.