Why Spanish?

Why learn Spanish? Well, Spanish is a major vehicle of international communication. For one, it is the world’s second most widely spoken language. And according to Instituto Cervantes, this Romance language also ranks third as an international language of economics, politics, and culture. In fact, Spanish is an official language of the European Union, the United Nationsand its institutions, and a number of international organizations.

About 350 million people in the planet use it as their first language. And about another 100 million people use it as a second language. Speak Spanish and you can communicate with another 450 million or so people.

Spanish is spoken on all continents, most extensively in Europe, North and South America, and certain parts of Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Twenty-one countries have Spanish as their official language. At present, in today’s increasingly globalized market, there is an international expansion and honor of the Spanish language in the film industry, television, literature, architecture, and music.

What could be more pleasing than to be able to understand Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his native language? Wouldn’t Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera be more interesting if you understood with their culture? Even for travelers who simply want to visit Mexico to fulfill their dream holidays, learning the basics of Spanish will take them a long way further.

The popularity of Spanish is evidenced by the demand for Spanish courses. In fact, the demand has increased 50% worldwide in 10 years. In addition, Spain and a number of countries in Latin America are currently experiencing significant economic growth. This only shows how important Spanish is. Considering all the facts above, you are likely to increase your chance in the labor market if you learn Spanish.

Playa del Carmen offers some schools that teach Spanish. One of the more reliable language schools in the city is Solexico. The school has designed courses that combine Spanish learning with fun-filled activities, such as salsa classes, sports activities, and excursions to mention a few. With these courses, you are sure to learn one of the most used language in the world.