Spanish Schools

Spanish is Romance language spoken by roughly 450 million people in the world. Recent estimate shows that about 350 million use Spanish as their first language and another 100 million people speak it as their second language. Spanish is spoken in all continents, most extensively in Spain and all countries in Central and South America except Brazil.

Whatever your motivations to learn the Spanish language, there is always Spanish courses somewhere that will suit your needs. Learning the language in a foreign city not only means learning one of the planet’s most widely used languages, but also having memorable experience with newfound friends from different parts of the world.

Playa del Carmen in Mexico is one of the best places to learn the Spanish language. It has many Spanish Language schools in Playa del Carmen, but one of the authorities when it comes to teaching Spanish is Solexico. This language school offers many fun-filled activities that provide a perfect complement to the Spanish courses they offer.

The Solexico Spanish school Playa del Carmen is located just six blocks from the white-sand beaches. The open architecture of the building creates a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that encourages comprehensive and intensive Spanish learning. Because of the area’s year-round temperate climate, Spanish classes take place under thatched roof learning areas surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

Solexico has developed a wide variety of packages that combine learning Spanish as a Second Language with practical applications through popular activities in Playa del Carmen. Learners will have the opportunity to do scuba diving or kite surfing in the glass-like waters of the Caribbean Sea. They will even have the opportunity to learn the sensual art of Salsa dancing. The school has teamed up with the most professional and experienced companies to teach each activity.

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