Playa del Carmenwas once a spot only for Mexicans, but its gorgeous white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and numerous other attractions are very hard to keep hidden for long. The arrival of many European visitors over the years has worked spectacles into this once small beach town. Today, Playa del Carmen has boomed into an exciting tourist destination with a mix of foreign and domestic owned hotels.

Below are three of our recommended hotels in Playa del Carmen:

Hotel Quinto Sol Quinto Sol

Hotel Quinto Sol Quinto Sol is literally translated as “fifth sun” and it has to do with the very fact that this 20- room boutique hotel was constructed around an ancient Mayan tree that many people say “as old as the sun”. Its design is a mix between the Mediterranean and the Mexican Caribbean styles, which results in a unique atmosphere perfect for young couples and honeymooners. Among the hotel services and amenities, the beach club, the solarium terrace, and 10-person jacuzzi on the third floor stand out the most. Location: At the corner of Calle 28 Norte and La Quinta Avenida.

Riviera del Sol Hotel Riviera del Sol Hotel

Riviera del Sol Hotel Riviera del Sol Hotel’s major attraction is a 7-foot deep pool fully equipped with tropical plants, lounger chairs, as well as a huge selection of magazines and of books. Most of its rooms feature a private balcony that faces the pool area. It is the perfect choice for couples without children and for small groups. Location: At the corner of Calle 30 Norte and Primera Avenida Norte, near Hotel Quinto Sol, and a stone’s throw away from the city’s white beaches.

Aqualuna Hotel

This young boutique hotel opened its doors in 2006. Aqualuna Hotel caters to the whole family, but it is on the luxury side. One of its major attractions is the Spa Itza which offers relaxation packages. The spa combines modern treatments with elements of ancient Mayan body therapies. Location: Avenida 10 between Calle 13 and Calle 14.

Choosing the right hotel

Which hotel to stay in in Playa del Carmen depends on the type of surroundings you want and how much you are willing to spend. If you want to enjoy your visit in this charming city, you should choose the right accommodation for you. If you are willing to spend some extra money, the city offers luxury hotels. But if you are on a tight budget, there are mid-range hotels to choose from. But no matter which accommodation you end up choosing, you will find that this beautiful Mexican city is an amazing destination.