The timing to travel to Playa del Carmen for your vacation will largely depend on the city’s climate and weather.

The city has a subtropical climate, with weather ranging from warm to hot for most times of the year. It has a yearly average temperature of about 80ºF and normally has high humidity. The sea is generally warm enough for a dip, but pay close attention to warnings for the safety, especially during the storm season.

The days between November and January are the coolest days of the year. During this period, day temperatures are generally warm and comfortable, but the air cools off at night. Expect some rain during these months, although they are not overwhelming or constant. The January-November period is part of the high tourist season, with prices reflecting the popularity of the city especially over the Christmas season.

Playa del Carmen’s weather is at its most lovely from February to May. There is little rain and the sea is ideally calm, perfect for swimming. Flowers blossom and travelers arrive in flocks. Avoid Spring Break and Easter weekend of you have a tight budget or are not comfortable with the tourist crowd. The city becomes very expensive and crowded during these times.

Days and nights can be extremely hot from June to August. Wear a hat and apply generous amount of sunblocks to protect your eyes and skin from the harmful rays of the sun. There may be occasional storms at these months, but the afternoon thunderstorms usually do not last. Spend your Playa del Carmen vacation around this time if you are a beach-goer. The sea is mostly calm during this period.