Playa Del Carmen definitely has something to offer for everyone. You can find everything from beautiful underwater coral reefs to gorgeous beaches, ecological water parks, to ancient Mayan ruins. Here are some of the top Playa del Carmen attractions:

The Great Mayan Reef

The Great Mayan Reef extends a long wall of coral reefs, the world’s second largest. About 100 meters away from the Playa del Carmen seashore, the reefs start at Catoche Cape, continuing through Guatemala and Belize. They hold plenty of flora and fauna and they work as a huge barrier against the surf. They soften it and form peaceful natural pools, perfect for aquatic sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Beautiful beaches

Your visit to Playa del Carmen will not be complete without visiting its lovely beaches. Enjoy the white, lukewarm, fine sand and take a dip in the refreshing glasslike waters. The beaches are bordered by enormous walls of coral reefs, appeasing the currents and lulling the waves. The most popular beaches include Coco, ideal for swimming because of its calm waters; Chunzubul, popular among snorkelers for its deep beauty; and Alejari, Shangri-la, and El Faro, which showcase a stunning surrounding scenery.


Ecological water parks

Ecological water parks are one of the top Playa del Carmen attractions. Xel-Ha is a snorkeler’s heaven, offering an amazing range of fish and flora. You can swim with dolphins, but prepare to shell out some huge amount of money. Xcaret has many kinds of wildlife, from butterflies, to crocodiles, to jaguars. It also offers different shows daily.

Playacar Complex

Playacar Complex is one of the most important tourist centers of the Mayan Riviera. It is filled with exclusive and elegant hotels, a golf course, commercial zones, and spacious residential areas. Its architectural feature takes its inspiration from traditional designs, with stunning trunk beams and palapas (or sunshades that are made of palm leafs and wood). Eco-tourist concepts that seek to preserve the surrounding’s forest have been imposed in all installations.

Archeological sites

Chichen Itza, the former Mayan capital, houses the largest concentration of Mayan ruins in all of the Yucatan peninsula. Here, you can climb the main temple of El Castillo, which is well-known because of the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. The sunlight bathing the western part of the main stairway of the pyramid is a sight to behold. It gives the illusion of a serpent’s body that moves lithely down the structure until it joins with the serpent head stone carving at the bottom.

The Mayan site of Tulum is also one of the more popular Playa del Carmen attractions. While not as grand as Chichen Itza, Tulum is still an imposing site. It is, in fact, the smallest but also the most scenic Mayan site. Coba is a less known, but impressive site. It is rather large, having the tallest temple (140 feet) in the northern Yucatan as its major attraction. You can climb the remarkable temple steps and have a superb view of the surrounding lakes and jungle.