Playa del Carmen is a beautiful city that boasts of an eclectic mixture of cultures. The area’s first residents are native Mexican people with Mayan origins. A blend of Mayan and Mexican culture still dominates the city, a cultural aspect that remains apparent in the religion of Playa del Carmen people who observe a unique kind of folk Catholicism.

People in the city are also somewhat conservative. When you leave the beach area, it is considered improper expose too much skin, so you need to put a cover. You must also dress appropriately when you go on tour to different sites like churches.

Playa del Carmen locals also place high value on their environment, They are active in promoting the preservation of natural treasures. Therefore, it is very important to follow the rules and regulations when you scuba dive in the reef areas or when you visit archaeological sites.

The locals are used to meeting new people since the area is a popular holiday destination. Playa del Carmen are hospitable. They will greet you with a wide smile and will be very happy to help if you need assistance. Many residents also speak English, so getting around the area will be easy. You will easily find a local to help you.

While the area is still mostly composed of Mexican nationals, Playa del Carmen’s gradual development has resulted in the arrival of several other races. It has been largely influenced by Europeans. Actually, a lot of businesses in the city are operated by Europeans.

You will find that Playa del Carmen people have a distinct and exhilarating culture, as a result of the merging of local and international influences. So enjoy immersing yourself in this exciting diversity.