Playa del Carmen is a beautiful city that sits on the Caribbean Sea coast. It used to be a humble fishing village and the stopover for travelers visiting Cozumel Island. It is blessed with the same stretch of white sandy beaches azure waters as Cancun, but with less crowd.

Many visitors flock to Playa del Carmen to see what the fuss is all about, to know if the city in their imaginations is the same one that those who have been there or those who live there love so much. Playa del Carmen is truly a lively city, with its rich culture, fascinating past, picturesque landscapes, beautiful and warm people, heavenly food, natural wonders, and vivacious beach and nightlife scenes.

Expats relocating to this paradise will find that it as one of the world’s most comfortable and easiest place to live in. Quinta Avenida is the city’s major street. You can walk it from the beach. It is filled with boutiques, restaurants, and many other interesting establishments. Walking along this street will make you feel the festive atmosphere of the place.

You will find streets intersecting with the Quinta and leading to the beach. Here you will find internet cafes, money changers, dive-shops and other specialty stores. Quinta Avenida transforms into a vibrant party venue at night. It is the perfect place to mingle with the locals, tourists, and fellow expats.

Expats will love Playa del Carmen because of the good food. There are hundreds of restaurants that celebrate the culinary culture in Mexico. It has a diverse mix of traditional, international, as well as fusion cuisines – all ready to appease your craving palate with something hot, something new, or something scrumptious. Options include authentic Mayan dishes, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Asian, Argentinean, and many other international dishes.

The public transport in Playa del Carmen is one of the many deciding factors that expats consider before moving to the city. Buses, vans, and taxis are the city’s most common modes of transport. The most cost-effective way to get around the city is by bus. A great alternative to buses are suburban vans locals call colectivos. Taxis make a good Playa del Carmen transport mode since you can always find them anywhere. You can also get around the city by foot or by bike.

This wonderful Mexican city has a welcoming subtropical climate. Weather ranges from warm to hot for most times of the year. It has an annual average temperature of 80ºF and has high humidity.

The picturesque beaches in Playa del Carmen are open to the public. The crystal-like waters have the right temperature for a nice swim. Expats who prefer a crowded beach head for the ones close to the ferry docks. Expats who want serenity in a private place go to either northern or southern part for less crowd and quitter beaches.

Overall, Playa del Carmen remains one of the top destinations for expats because of the many things that it offers: good education and health systems, pulsating nightlife, world-class entertainment, rich culture and history, delectable cuisine, breathtaking architecture, and shopping. Playa del Carmen is a city that expats will never forget.