If you are an avid fan of sea, sun and sand, Playa del Carmen is the right place for you. The beach starts at the ferry docks, continuing along northward and southward. The main beach is located in the northern part. Most of the hotels and resorts in Playa are parallel to the beach, and many are either on or near the beach.

The main beach runs from the ferry docks to Calle 14 where Gran Porto Real is. The beaches contained in the main beach are named after resorts: Mamitas Beach, Playa Tukan Beach, Zubul Beach, Shangri-La Beach, and Coco Beach.

Enjoy the white sand while getting a nice tan. It gets pretty hot during the day, and on extremely hot days, you may have to wear sandals to protect your feet from the blistering heat of the sand.  You will definitely need lots of sunscreens or a pair of sun glasses. The beaches are generally clean, thanks to the city’s maintenance of all public beaches.

The sea water is hottest in September, when swimming can be like having a warm bath. It is coolest from December to March. The water can be choppy from September to December, during the hurricane season.

Much of the coastline is children-friendly. There are beach areas that are 100% sand as far as you can walk out. Some parts are covered with sea grass not far from the shore. Some parts are rocky and there are many boats anchored all over the place.