If you love good market, then Playa del Carmen is the place to be. This popular tourist destination has all the sights and sounds, the hustle and bustle, the smell of the freshest and delicious native food, as well as the products that you would never find anywhere else. Playa del Carmen markets gives you the excitement of bargaining, which can give novice and the experienced market goers alike an experience of a lifetime.

This Mexican destination is a heaven full of quality handicrafts, souvenirs, and other products. The world-famous Quinta Avenida showcases the best of Mexico. You will find here wonderful handicrafts made by artisans from the Yucatan, Chiapas, and Baja California.

There is no definite market in Playa del Carmen where all these handicrafts are displayed. However, Quinta Avenida is market enough. You will find here a profusion of items from Africa, Brazil, India, and Indonesia, to name a few. You will also find here carved wood decorations, Cuban cigars, and beach wear with Mayan designs.

The best source for produce in Playa del Carmen is the DAC market. It is located on the corner of Ave. 30 and Constituyentes. DAC is only one of the few markets where you can get a frozen kilo of arrachera Mandi. It also has an impressive selection of bulk spices and chilies.

Another good source of produce is Marsan, located on the corner of Ave. 30 and 1 sur. It has a great selection on display. Many products are kept upstairs or out at the back due to lack of floor space. Both DAC and Marsan markets have a small deli in the rear with a wide variety of cheeses and meats.