Xel-Ha literaly means “place where water is born.” This ecological park is a magical and stunning slice of heaven in the Mayan Riviera. Xel-ha is a natural aquarium set in a splendid backdrop of limestone formations and it is home to tropical fish of all colors and shapes. This park will give you a great opportunity for relaxing and nature tripping.

The meeting of the ocean with freshwater currents of the springs and underground rivers results in a wonderful ecosystem. Xel-Ha is a fairyland of inlets, thick jungle, lagoons, caves, plus archaeological sites. The park also houses more than 350 species of plants and flowers, including Caribbean palms and zapote and Chechen trees.

The crystal-clear waters of the Xel-Ha inlet are also habitat to stunning marine flora and fauna. Experience an aquatic adventure and discover the marine ecosystem. Try helmet diving, which allows you to get close to schools of fish while feeling very safe. You can even swim with dolphins! We also suggest that you try “snuba”, a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving.

Other attractions in this site include a Mayan cave, the Xel-Ha River, mangrove trees, Hammock Island, archeological sites, tree nursery, and floating bridge. Xel-Ha has a number of cenotes or sinkholes. Take a dip and have a magical and mystical experience.

Take a refreshing splash at Xel-Ha River. This river is home to colorful fish and is fed by underground fresh-water springs. Mangrove trees are also a good attraction. Mangroves are trees that thrive in salt water, providing a refuge to marine life. Xel-Ha also has a tree nursery, where most of its flora, especially the endangered species, is raised and preserved.

Want to chill out after all the exhilarating activities? Then feel the sand and the ocean breeze while lying in a hammock in Hammock Island. Xel-Ha also features an 80-meter floating bridge, providing an extraordinary view of the cove. Not only is the park blessed with unparalleled natural wonders; Xel-Ha also has some fascinating Mayan ruins.