Xcaret has a park that houses crocodiles, sea turtles, spider monkeys, jaguars, flamingos, and macaws. This wonderful park also provides you with opportunities to have a deeper knowledge about the ancient Mayan culture and their rituals. Xcaret even recreates an ancient ball game popular in the ancient Mayan civilization. At night, you can see interesting ancestral dance performances and fire ritual ceremonies.

There are many things you can do in Xcaret. Visit the aquarium and get a load of rich and colorful marine life without ever getting wet. The aquarium features a stunning variety of marine life. Then head for the beautiful beaches – of course, you cannot afford to miss getting a gorgeous tan. The pristine, white-sand beaches are perfect for a number of watersports and relaxation.

Another exciting thing to do in Xcaret is to swim with the dolphins. This will definitely give you an unforgettable experience where you can see the dolphins face to face. We also highly recommend that you explore the lagoon. Get your snorkeling gear and get a load of tropical fish that concentrate around the area. In addition, the waters are pristine and cool and provide an atmosphere conducive for relaxation and fun.

Take a dip into the wading pools. These natural Jacuzzis provide a very soothing and tranquil experience. If you are into scuba diving, Xcaret is the place to be. Professional dive instructors will guide you in order to fully enjoy the Barracuda Reef. You can also go wreck diving in the Mama Viña dive site.