Sexy and fun equal nightlife activities in Playa del Carmen bars. Whether you just want to hang out with friends or rub elbows with impossibly gorgeous people, this popular tourist destination will give you some of the hippest bars in the Caribbean.

First down to the Dragon Bar at the Blue Parrot Hotel for 2 for 1 drinks on the beach at Calle 12 (try to get a swing). Blue Parrot Hotel has live music some nights, a sports bar with the best BBQ in town, and the only sushi in the area. From there you can stagger down the beach to dance at Captain Tutix on the beach at 4th.

For the trendiest bar in Playa del Carmen, hit Fly Bar. It features outdoor seating that overlook the beautiful 5th Avenue, a jacuzzi, swimming pool, and pool deck. You will appreciate the bar’s excellent attention to details and design. Location: Hotel Deseo, on the corner of 5th Avenue and 12th Street. Also, La Rana Cansada is one of the places where locals and foreigners go out for fun and drinks. Nice atmosphere. Location: 10th St. between 5th Avenue and 10th Avenue.

For a perfect drink, hit the Tequilaria on 5th Avenue. You can do shots for $5 or have a bottle of tequila for $300. Tequila Cascahuin is the best for the price. Another nice Playa del Carmen bar is Cabalova. It screens movies on some nights. Location: Next to the Mosquito Blue Hotel.

Sharky’s and Jaime’s Beer Bucket is the perfect venue to be merry. This bar will rock you. Big games are shown and it is particularly lively on Fridays. The Beer Bucket is very popular among locals and tourists. Location: Calle 10, between 10th Avenue and 15th Avenue.

If you are a sports fans, you will not be disappointed as Playa del Carmen has some nice sports bars. These venues show sports events such as NHL, NBA, NFL, soccer games, and Major League Baseball. Most of these sports are broadcasted in English.

The Dragon Bar has long been a favorite in Playa del Carmen nightlife. Older crowd might enjoy this edgy bar better in the afternoon for a drink on the beach or for lunch. When the sun goes down, younger people start to crowd the venue, dancing to techo music on the outdoor beachside dance floor. The bar stays open until the party people go home. Location: Blue Parrot Hotel on the beach at Calle 12.