Popular Festivals

Being a rather small beach city, Playa del Carmen has only a few festivals compared to bigger places on the Yucatan region like the neighboring Cancun. Despite this, the city manages to host some popular events and festivals.

Festival Internacional de Cine de la Riviera Maya

The Festival Internacional de Cine de la Riviera Maya is a five-day film festival held every October. Various international, national, and local films are screened in select venues throughout Playa del Carmen, such as Plaza Pelicanos’ Hollywood Cinema, Plaza 28 de Julio, and Ayuntamiento de Solidaridad. Films that shown belong to one of the following categories: Fiction, Experimenal, Documentary, and Animation. There are different conferences and workshops on filmmaking and cinematography throughout the festival.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

The four-day Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is one of the more popular events in the city. It attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Held every November near the Ultramar pier on Mamitas Beach, this annual event gives foreign and local jazz performers an opportunity to showcase their talents. With performances starting at around 8 in the evening, the lively festival fills the city streets with dance and music throughout the night. Performances at Riviera Maya Jazz Festival are free.

Yucatan Fair

Another popular festival that attracts many local and foreign tourists is the Yucatan Fair. Originally, this lively and colorful event was only for stock breeders. Eventually, other features were added to the fair to entertain the general public. So in addition to livestock, you will come across other regional products. You will also enjoy horse races, cockfights, small theme parks, entertainers, children’s’ shows, and the traditional palenque festival.

Autumn Cultural Festival

If you are visiting the area, you may want to experience some regional festivals celebrated in the Yucatan Peninsula. For example, the Autumn Cultural Festival is an annual event that promotes and celebrates the culture and tradition of the Yucatan region. The highlights of the festival are original and lively music, dancing, and theatrical productions.