When we talk about international cuisine, Playa del Carmen is proud to have a very wide selection of restaurants that serve food from all over the world.

Argentinian cuisine

Buenos Aires
Location: 6th Street between 5th and 10th Avenue
Telephone: 984-873-2751
Serves: Grilled meats and fresh Argentinean cuisine.

El Asador de Manolo
Location: 10th Avenue between 24th and 26th Streets
Serves: Argentinean grill and great Angus Beef
Telephone: 984-803-0632

HC de Monterrey
Location: Calle 1 between 20th and 25th Avenues

La Faroloa
Location: 8th Street between 5th and the beach
Serves: Mixed brochette, meats, grilled sausages, and fish
Telephone: 984-803-3929

Tango Taco
Location: 10th Street between 10th and 15th Avenues
Serves: Argentinean grilled meats, tacos, and empanadas
Telephone: 984 803 1859

Arabic cuisine

Kartabar Restaurant
Location: Corner of 12th Street and 1st Avenue
Serves: Mediterranean food such as hummus, babbaganush, and stuffed grape leaves
Telephone: 984-873-2228

Location: 5th Avenue between 28th and 30th Streets
Serves: hummus, babbaganush and other Arabic delicacies

Viva la Vaca
Location: 5th Avenue between Calles 6 and 8

Chinese cuisine

Babe’s Noodle House and Bar
Location: 10th St. between 5th and 10th Ave. and
5th Ave. between 28th and 30th St.

Hong Kong Car
Location: HWY 307 by the turn about.
Serves: Chinese buffet
Telephone: 984- 110-5555

Location: 10th Ave between 6th and 8th Streets next to Captain Dave’s
Serves: Chinese buffet as well as al la cart ordering.

Mr. Lau
Location: 10th Ave. between 8th and 10th St.
Telephone: 984-873-2020

Location: 10th Ave. between 22nd and 24th St.
Telephone: 984- 879-3443

Asian cuisine

Babe’s Noodle House and Bar
Location: 5th Ave between 28th & 30th Streets and 10th St between 5th & 10th Ave
Serves: Thai noodle dishes, curries, and many other oriental food
Telephone: 984-804-1998

Location: Calle 8 between 5th and 10th Avenues
Serves: Thai food

Location: 5th Avenue between 10th and 12th
Serves: A variety of Asian food in a fine dining setting
Telephone: 984-206-3350

Sushi Tlan
Location: 5th Avenue between 28th and 30th
Serves: Miso soups, tempura, and fresh sushi, all for reasonable prices

Thai Mid
Location: Constituyentes and 10th Avenue
Serves: Thai food.

French cuisine

La Palette
Location: 8th Street between 5th Avenue and the beach
Serves: French fusion food like escargot, confit de Canard (duck), and foie gras
Telephone: 984-879-4802

Le Bistro
Location: Small building on 2nd Street between 5th and 10th Avenues
Serves: French, international, grilled food, vegetarian, and seafood

Le Petite Merveilles
Location: 8th Street between 10th and 15th Avenue
Serves: French pastry
Telephone: 984-803-1188

Location: 5th Avenue at Calle 6
Serves: French and international cuisine.

Petit Marrakesh
Location: Calle Corazon
Serves: French Moroccan restaurant

Italian cuisine

Da Gabi Ristorante
Location: 5th Ave. Calle 12
Serves: Homemade fettuccini, brick oven baked pizza, grilled vegetables, fresh salads and seafood, New York & T-bone steaks, espresso and cappuccino, and great desserts

Il Baretto
Location: Corner of 5th Avenue and 26th Street
Serves: Pasta dishes

La Famiglia
Location: 10th Avenue between 10th and 12th Street.
Serves: The best lasagna

La Pummarola
Location: Between Calles 38 and 40 on Calle Flamingo

La Rucola
Location: Calle 26 between 5th and 10th Avenues
Serves: Italian and seafood dishes

Mandarina’s CafĂ©
Location: 5th Avenue and 14th street
Serves: Gourmet pizzas and salads
Telephone: 984-803-1249

Location: Paseo del Carmen Local #43
Serves: Handmade pastas, gourmet pizzas, tender beef cuts, and fresh seafood
Telephone: 984-803-4121

Spanish cuisine

La Tasca
Location: Constituyentes between 10th and 15th Avenues
Serves: Spanish Cuisine

Tintos y Tapas
Location: 5th Ave between Calles 28 and 30
Serves: Excellent wine and delicious tapas

German cuisine

Mannes Biergarten
Location: 4th Street between 10th and 15th Avenues