Of the many interesting aspects of the Playa del Carmen culture is how normal day-to-day activities are done at a much later time unlike other cultures. In other parts of the globe, lunch is served around 12 noon or an hour past, while in this Mexican city ( as in other places in the country), you would probably have lunch in mid-afternoon. Expect the same thing with dinner because you would enjoy it at around 10 in the evening.

Despite these time differences, Playa del Carmen is for the foodie in you. Not only does it offer world-class authentic Yucatan and Mexican cuisine, it also offers flavor from all over the world through its many restaurants. Italian pasta places, Japanese sushi bars, Spanish tapas, Argentinean grills, Thai curries – you name it, the city has it. What’s more its proximity to the sea supplies restaurants with delicious.

There are also fine dining restaurants, food stands that offer excellent local fare, and roadside barbecues. If you are more on the adventurous side, try the antojitos or carnitas (made with pig eyes or pig liver) in the many food stalls especially in the area west of La Quinta Avenida. If you want a chill and laidback atmosphere, try the beachside eateries where you can sample sizzling and grilled while sitting barefoot, playing with the fine white sand between your toes.

It is best to go online to find out the best restaurants that offer the best Mexican cuisine in Playa del Carmen. With online reservation systems and easy-to-use search facilities, finding yourself the right Mexican restaurant in the city is a doddle.

We highly suggest that you try the least expensive restaurants first before heading to the more expensive ones. That is if you can afford them. Despite the ceiling-high prices, these top-class restaurants will give you more options.

Another good suggestion is to hit the Playa del Carmen markets. If your hostel or hotel accommodates some space, buy few sacks of fruits and vegetables for healthy snacks. Buy only what you need for a few days. This works only if you have a cooler or fridge in your room. But you can always much on nonperishable foods.