Playa del Carmen may not be the top producer of arts and crafts in Mexico, but it has many shops and stores that sell handcrafted products.

In the downtown many stores sell different kinds of handcrafts made from conch shells, wood, bone, fruits, agave cactus, seeds, etc. You will also find here straw sombreros and some imitations of pre-Hispanic figurines. Quinta Avenida is Playa del Carmen’s hottest spot to buy these products. You will come across numerous galleries and boutiques that offer blouses with handmade trim (huipiles), wood sculptures, jewelry, earrings, and many other crafts made by artisans.

Playa del Carmen is also a good place to get unique curios. The crafts made give travelers a closer look at things that are made more from the heart. The process in making these products also give visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of the arts and culture of this area of Mexico.

In the past few years, the art and craft shops in the city have been upping their game. Many of them now offer travelers excellent examples of nationally and locally produced, handcrafted works. They are now effectively undergoing a major transition from being tourist craft stands into specialist craft shops.