A romantic getaway to Playa del Carmen

A romantic getaway to Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a fantastic holiday destination and ideal for a romantic break. It’s just south of Cancun and its stunning beaches and attractions mean it’s becoming a popular spot for tourists. Read the information below for ideas of how you could spend a romantic getaway in Playa del Carmen.

Spend time at the beaches

For the ultimate relaxation, spend the day on a beach in Playa del Carmen. Stroll on beautiful sand, lie in the sun and frolic in crystal clear waters.

If you do feel like adding a more energetic touch, you could try out the various water sports. The beach is ideal for couples as it has a bit of everything, including restaurants and bars.

Sample the buzzing atmosphere on La Quinta Avenida

La Quinta Avenida is the main thoroughfare in Playa del Carmen and it is full of shops and cafes. Take each other’s hand and stroll along the street, taking in the sights, sounds and smells.

Later on in the evening you can head back to La Quinta Avenida to sample the carnival atmosphere as fire breathers, mimes and other characters line the streets. Grab a romantic meal, drink in the bars and dance the night away in the local clubs.

Swim with marine life

Scuba diving at Cozumel and the Maya Reef will be a truly memorable experience for you and your partner. River Quest Divers is one of the many dive centres in the resort, and experts will take you down to see tropical aquatic life on the world’s second largest reef.

Enjoy a fun day out at Xcaret

Xcaret is a great place to go and experience Mexico’s historic culture and to see archaeological sites. You can also take a walk through the Tropical Jungle Trail and get amazing views of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea from the Rotating Scenic Tower.

Play away an afternoon at Playacar Golf Club

If you’re a couple who like playing sport together you should head for a round at the Playacar Golf Club. Even if you aren’t, why not give it a go – you are on holiday after all! The course is surrounded by natural beauty and it’s a great way to spend an afternoon together.

During your round you’ll have food and drink included and you’ll get to drive around on a buggy! Afterwards you can both sit back, relax and enjoy a meal from the Playacar Golf Club bar and grill.

A trip to Mexico is great for romance and Playa del Carmen has a bit of everything on offer. Thousands of people find their holiday mate on online dating sites and end up staying together for years. Whether you met your partner through a friend or by trying to find singles in Manchester with eHarmony UK couples are bound to be brought closer together by a romantic trip to Playa del Carmen.